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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Making a cardboard lightbox

One of my many issues with trying to take photos at home and usually of an evening is that I find I am not happy with the light.  From a bit of google and blog searching I discovered I could make what is called a light box from a cardboard box and just a few other items.  I could have bought a light tent but then that wouldn't have been a budget option.

So to start, you need a cardboard box, some tracing paper (A4 size), some stiff white card and some desk lamps.  All items are very cheap to get hold of and the most expensive item was the lamps, although I don't think I even spent £20 in total.

 When I went to my local craft shop (Hobbycraft) I couldn't find any A4 tracing paper and I only needed 3 sheets so I opted for an A1 sheet which my wonderful model, Stav, is folding and cutting for me.

 We then cut the top and bottom flap off from the box, but left the left and right ones on so that there was a little light hood there.
 Next was to cut out 3 holes/windows, one on each side and one on top.  They need to be smaller that the A4 sheets so we can tape the sheets over the holes on the outside of the box.
 Now it's time to attach your white card, it's needs to be quite thick but I don't think my sheet was long enough.  I sellotaped it to the inside of the box but so that it overhung it doesn't quite reach the top of the box.  Luckily this is something that can be changed at a later date.
 I just got a couple of cheap desk lamps and placed them outside but shining through the tracing paper.  A light can also be placed through the top window too.  It's entirely up to you.  The idea is that the tracing paper diffuses the light.  And as you can see the object you want to photograph is placed inside.
 And voila!  Ok I need to look at my white balance and play a bit more, but the sky is now my limit.
 Oh and when you are done you can roll up the white card (which is still taped on the inside) and store the lamps inside the box too.

Now as I stated at the start I didn't create this invention, I used other sources so please feel free to check out their blogs too:

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