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About me

Hi I'm Dannii, a photography enthusiast.  Whilst I have many other hobbies as well this has been my passion for many years.  I'll admit that I often lack motivation or inspiration but am hoping that this blog will help me focus and be a place where I can demonstrate what I have learned.  It's unlikely I will impart any new information but I'd like to share it all the same.

Generally I like photographing flowers all will natural lighting but I try and give anything and everything a go.  Due to time constraints of working a full time job with a long commute I am likely to concentrate on food as I think this is something I can commit to, what with needing to eat dinner every night and I know I have a lot to learn as I'd love to have the magazine look.

I don't get to travel very often but when I do there is always a camera

and there might also be some photos that creep in of my 4 year old mini-rex Geezer

or maybe even some of my partner Stav and I

I'm a big film and book geek and have become a bit of a fitness freak trying to fit in swimming, yoga and cardio boxing every week as well as spending time with my friends whether it be just hanging out or taking part in our very silly LARP hobby.

Any comments and suggestions about my photos are always welcome and you can also follow me on Photoblog or flickr