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Monday, 28 October 2013

Some more portrait testing

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, life has got a bit hectic.  What with applying for and changing jobs and many busy weekends (mostly at weddings) there hasn't been much time for photography.  Something I hope doesn't become a habit.

Anyway, I think it was my previous post where I talked about using a speedlite/flashgun as a studio light.  Well I took the plunge and decided that I needed a second light set up and a light meter to help me out.  Whilst I didn't hate the photos I took I felt that I could get more consistent results with two lights.  Luckily this was something I had always planned to do, so when I originally bought the remote triggers for the speedlites I bought one that could trigger two lights.  This did bring the cost down when buying the second light, stand and diffuser.

As I had an old school friend visiting this weekend, I used the opportunity to get some snaps and here are some of the results.

First of all we went for some standing shots:

Whilst I wasn't too upset with the lighting, I did feel they felt a little awkward.  My beautiful model Beth did make the suggestion of leaning on something, which I felt the results were much better (if a little corporate at times)

And then we moved to sitting and lying on the floor.  This is definitely my nemesis as I really can't figure out the lighting

And finally I have a few arty shots.

I definitely think I am getting the hang of using lighting for portraits and did learn that I need to experiment with poses and what works best with which body shape.  I guess I have to rope more friends into modelling for me ;-)